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Arcadia Anticipates August 31 Opening

Dave Aceto (left) and Ben Culver test out pinball machines at Arcadia.
Dave Aceto (left) and Ben Culver test out pinball machines at Arcadia.
Photo: Adam H. Callaghan

Arcadia National Bar, successfully Kickstarted back in May, is tentatively set for a public opening on Sunday, August 31. Owners Dave Aceto and Ben Culver will host a Kickstarter-reward party prior to the public opening. The bar, replacing Slainte at 24 Preble Street across from Slab, passed its health inspection and is waiting on fire and occupancy inspections next week. Signage is in the works; as for the interior, the bar is hung with mugs for mug club, most arcade machines are in place and functional, and one table is installed in the midst of the machines, a place to set drinks and grilled cheese sandwiches.

The menu will be strictly grilled cheese. Aceto says "we have a few different types" lined up, and "the menu will change as we continue to put new things between bread and cheese and see what we like." In terms of which games they're most excited about, Culver says he's torn between the ever-difficult Donkey Kong and the fast-paced Q-bert, a new (to them) machine that has quickly become a favorite. Aceto names Ice Cold Beer and Lord of the Rings pinball, and says he's looking forward particularly to education nights, when groups can come in and learn a new board game from the owners. Let's not overlook NBA Jam, either.
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