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Dog Days of Summer

Andrew Taylor.
Andrew Taylor.
Photo: Ilma Lopez, Blue Rooster Food Co.

Chubby Werewolf has a glowing review of week eleven of Blue Rooster Food Co.'s guest chef series, which features the "Eventide Dog" from Eventide/Hugo's co-owner/chef Andrew Taylor. A fried hot dog is layered with fried Winterpoint oysters, tartar sauce, and pickled versions of red onion, daikon radish, and jalapenos. Helping make this one of the best of the series, per the reviewer, "is the impossibly soft, delightfully chewy [steamed] bun, which is the same one used in Eventide's lobster rolls." Get this surf-and-turf for $8 through Thursday, August 14. [Chubby Werewolf]

Eventide Oyster Co.

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