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Blue Rooster Guest Series: Joe Ricchio, Food Dude

Week Ten of Blue Rooster Food Co.'s guest chef series has a dog called "The Happy Ending" devised by Joe Ricchio, a man who wears many hats. "It's definitely an umami-driven preparation," Ricchio allows: A griddled bun with tama miso (paste of egg yolks, miso, mirin, and sugar); charred scallions & shiitakes; fried dog; kewpie mayo; sriracha; cilantro.

On the inspiration for the dog, which resembles the kind of food he was serving as front-of-house manager at Miyake Diner until the restaurant closed, Ricchio explains: "All good things that get even better when they come together...."

Find the dog for $8 at about 5 p.m. today. Let us know what you think.
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[Photo: Ilma Lopez]