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Eater's The Five Days of Meat Are Upon Us

Eater readers, are you ready to cast aside the sides? Ban the bread? Pooh-pooh the potatoes? It's time to focus on the main course: Meat. Vamoose, vegetables!

Over the course of The Five Days of Meat—which start today and end on Friday, July 11—the Eater universe is gripped by meat mania, and the bulk of our content will be protein-rich. Prepare for maps, interviews, photos, all celebrating the carnivorous impulses gripping North America: Butchery, steakhouses, and more. Hastag "#TFDOM" is a good way to keep track, as is the Eater tag "The Five Days of Meat 2014."

Eater's The Five Days of Meat: Better throw some more charcoal on the grill.