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Old Family Restaurant, Maria's, Gets New Summer Menu

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Photo: Maria's Ristorante, FB

Maria's Ristorante (or Maria's Restaurant, for those erring on the latter side of the Italian-American equation), recently debuted a new summer menu. The 54-year-old eatery, still run by the Napolitano family, has made a concerted effort of late to enter the social media age, tipping its Facebook page over 1000 likes just last week.

In a Facebook post, the company highlighted aspects of its new menu. "Mozzarella fritters are back," along with a version of Surf and Turf that includes lobster or shrimp scampi as the "surf." There's Vitelli Bracolintini Saltimboca, which "long time patrons might remember" as "medallions of veal stuffed with mushrooms, prosciutto, sage, and mozzarella." Finally, the angel hair pesto with cherry tomatoes and homemade pesto cream sauce is "destined to be a new summer favorite." See photos of the new menu below and share your thoughts with us if you try the restaurant's latest offerings.

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Maria's Ristorante

337 Cumberland Ave, Portland, ME 04101