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Lights Out

eater0714_tentenpie.jpegPat Coon and Fred Horch are helping local businesses better compete with more efficient big box stores. Their new venture, Spark Applied Efficiency, is working with Street and Co., Wicked Joe's Coffee, Portland Food Co-op, and Ten Ten Pié (a new Spanish-influenced market/deli/bakery replacing DiPietro's at 171 Cumberland Avenue) to lower energy consumption and cut costs. For example, something as simple as improved lighting in a cooler can reduce excess condenser output, followed by a reduction in air conditioning usage. Coon tells Eater that for him, "local food and energy are one and the same." [EaterWire]
171 Cumberland Ave. [Photo: Ten Ten Pié, FB]

Street and Co.

33 Wharf Street, Portland, ME 04101 207-775-0887