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Erik Desjarlais with a Weft & Warp knife roll.
Erik Desjarlais with a Weft & Warp knife roll.
Photo: Adam H. Callaghan

Weft & Warp Seamster/Intervale Leatherworks, the textile company run by former restaurant owner and chef Erik Desjarlais, has launched another funding campaign, this time on Foodie Crowd Fund, in an attempt to raise $17,000 for expansion and getting ahead on backorders, including new machines for increased efficiency and the creation of "a few new jobs." "Flexible funding" means that the project will receive all money contributed by the end of the 60-day campaign, whether or not the total is reached, unlike the unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign that ended in May. Desjarlais is this week's featured chef at Blue Rooster Food Co., where his design "The Choucroute Dog" can be had for $8 until Friday.