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Stephanie Cmar, Justin Burke-Samson Pop Up Nationwide

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Justin Burke-Samson and Stephanie Cmar of Boston brought their donut and pop-tart pop-up to Portland's East Ender yesterday, capping off a ten-day national tour. They were celebrating their partnership Party of Two, an "unofficial official business" which combines their distinct ventures, Stacked Donuts and Trademark Tarts.

Those lucky enough to catch them in Portland had the only double-dipped donuts of the tour, according to Cmar. Some of the treats on offer were blueberry-vanilla pop-tarts and Earl Grey-lavender donuts. The two bakers, whose tireless enthusiasm may be fueled by the sugary goods they produce, shared with Eater some impressions of their whirlwind cross-country tour.

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Los Angeles, CA (Playa Provisions)
Justin Burke-Samson (JBS): We embraced the beach lifestyle.
Stephanie Cmar (SC): A great way to start the tour off, very relaxed.
JBS: [Our friends] Brooke and Nick's place is gorgeous, right on the beach - how could you not be 100% relaxed?
SC: Not stressful, I took a quick trip to the beach during prep - saw a guy playing bongos wearing a speedo (hello California!).

Barstow, CA (Los Domingos)
SC: I had no idea what to expect, I grew up in a small town and I think this was their first pop-up experience.
JBS: I forgot how hot it can be, so much sweat.
SC: It was HOT, like 110 degrees, but it was great and I got to meet the Mayor.
JBS: After we sold out in 20 minutes, my family gave us around of applause - that was a first!

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Philadelphia, PA (The Gaslight)
JBS: This part of the tour felt like vacation - we were unchaperoned.
SC: Yeah, when you end your first night at 2am with pickle back shots you know you're in for it.
JBS: Jason [Cichonski] and Travis [Masar] were amazing hosts, they showed us what Philly is all about.
SC: We nailed it, such an amazing turnout. We had a few days before the pop-up so we enjoyed Philly and ate A LOT - I think I got gout.

New York City, NY (Contrada)
JBS: We were in and out!
SC: I don't even know where I slept that night.
JBS: It was fast, and then we were off to Portland.
SC: Justin's husband drove to Philly, picked us up, then drove us (well Justin drove) to NYC and then we prepped.
JBS: We met up with my friends in NYC after prep - I woke up concerned that I wasn't going to make it. False alarm! We got our second round of applause here...I see a trend happening.

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Portland, ME (East Ender)
JBS: So beautiful, the best way to end the tour.
SC: Everyone here is so nice.
JBS: I wish I had known there were a half marathon today, I would have made more and helped runners carbo load.
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