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Blue Rooster Guest Series: Erik Desjarlais, Weft & Warp Seamster

Erik Desjarlais, Weft & Warp Seamster. [All photos: Adam H. Callaghan]
Erik Desjarlais, Weft & Warp Seamster. [All photos: Adam H. Callaghan]

Blue Rooster Food Co. guest chef series, week seven: Erik Desjarlais, former chef/owner of restaurants including Evangeline in Portland, now crafting coveted industry textiles as Weft & Warp Seamster. His creation: "The Choucroute Dog." A split, seared hot dog; duck confit; Saussicon sec, sliced paper-thin; Morse's sauerkraut (rinsed to minimize acidity), scallions, Raye's whole grain mustard, all chopped up together; crunchy potato sticks; all on a Sorella's hot dog roll, toasted. Desjarlais on the inspiration for the dog: "Choucroute garnie from the Alsace region of France. Flavors that make sense because they're traditional, and they're traditional because they make sense. I tried to source everything from as far away as possible, just leave a massive carbon footprint...just kidding!"

On the placement of the toppings atop the hot dog: "I like to put stuff underneath so I don't get anything in my mustache...but not everyone's going to have a mustache."

The Choucroute Dog, $8, should be available this evening for the mustachioed and the clean shaven alike. It will be bumped next Friday by a design from Jason Loring of Nosh and Slab.

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