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Corn Dogs: America's Favorite Meat on a Stick

Small Axe Truck's corn dog.
Small Axe Truck's corn dog.
Photo: Joe Ricchio, Twitter

To kick off the Meat on a Stick Power Hour, corn dogs: Because everything's better skewered, corn-battered, and deep-fried. In a state full of fairs and fests, there are plenty of these treats to be had, but few that rise above. We've assembled a short-list of insane versions made in southern Maine. What are your favorite meats on sticks throughout the state? Share in the comments, hit up the tipline, or correspond via the anonymous tip form.

"Wow, just wow. Smoked Wagyu beef corn dog with kewpie mayo, eel sauce, and furikake," Joe Ricchio gushes about Small Axe Truck's corn dog.

Nosh's take features a classic Maine red snapper hot dog wrapped in sweet corn bread batter, with housemade kim-chi, chipotle mayo, and scallions.

For DIY corn dog enthusiasts, butcher/co-owner of MEat, Jarrod Spangler, suggests kicking the flavor up a notch at home by using MEat's housemade spicy hot dog as the meat-of-choice-on-a-stick for a "gangster corn dog."

Honorable mention: It's not on a stick, but it deserves to be. Today is the last chance to try Blue Rooster Food Co.'s "The Vinland Dog," a whimsical, all-local take on a corn dog from Vinland chef-owner David Levi.
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