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A Closure, A Move, A Chili Dog

Ilma Lopez of Blue Rooster hangs the description for The Sloppy Penatzer.
Ilma Lopez of Blue Rooster hangs the description for The Sloppy Penatzer.
Photo: Adam H. Callaghan

1) Hot Dog A-Go-Go: Blue Rooster released the second hot dog in its guest chef series on Friday, June 6. Chef Ricky Penatzer of The Portland Hunt and Alpine Club (PHAC) has concocted "The Sloppy Penatzer." The natural hot dog from Maine Family Farms is covered with lamb chili--the same local lamb that PHAC uses for its lamb sausages--mozzarella cheese curds from Pineland Farms, green chili powder from New Mexico--also on the PHAC popcorn--and topped off with pickled red onions that have been deep-fried. Upon trying the final product, Penatzer remarked, "The lamb really says 'What's up!' to the hot dog." A percentage of every sale of the guest creations goes to the Good Shepherd Food Bank; next week's featured chef will be Petite Jacqueline's Fred Eliot. [-EME-]

2) Truffle Shuffle: Portland Food Map shared a press release from Dean'sSweets announcing the truffle maker's upcoming move from 82 Middle Street to a larger space at 475 Fore Street, across from Miyake. The release omits on multiple occasions the space between the words "Dean's" and "Sweets" in the company name, a spelling choice inconsistent with Dean'sSweets' own website. Increased production, decreased advertising footprint? [PFM]

3) The Shutter: Supreme Pita, at 408 Forest Avenue, is closed. The space is available - will another pita joint carry on the legacy of Whaddapita and Supreme Pita? [Steff Deschenes, Yelp]
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