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UPDATE: What's Going on at Old Port's Spread?

Spread, closed during normal business hours on 05/13/14.
Spread, closed during normal business hours on 05/13/14.

UPDATE 06/03/14: Since the original posting of this piece on 05/14/14, Eater Maine has noticed that Spread's liquor license expired on 05/13/14, according to the state's listing of Current Active Liquor Licenses. Can anyone confirm or deny the conclusion this suggests?

What's going on at Old Port's Spread? There are no signs indicating changes to the space, but there are no signs of life either, leading commenters on the Portland Food Map site to speculate that Commercial Street's Spread is shuttered for good.

Calls during the restaurant's open hours received no answer nor an answering machine, and doors were locked and lights off yesterday evening. Spread received mixed reviews throughout its less than two years in business, lost its head chef last October, and didn't "quite dispel the space's strange aura" for superstitious sorts. Has 100 Commercial Street claimed another victim? Send intel through the tipline.
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