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Zapoteca's Shannon Bard Reveals Details of Upcoming Cookbook

Chef Shannon Bard, co-owner of Zapoteca Restaurante Y Tequileria in Portland and Mixteca Taqueria in Durham, NH, has had a busy 2014 already. She cooked a meal at the prestigious James Beard House in January, appeared on Food Network show Beat Bobby Flay in April, and in the same month announced that Spanish-style Toroso, her third restaurant with husband and co-owner Tom Bard, is going into the old Schwartz building at the corner of Congress and High Street in Portland (her latest estimate has the restaurant opening in early spring of 2015).

In case that wasn't enough, she announced on February 18, 2014 that she had "signed and sealed" a cookbook contract.

While the deadline for her submission was originally set for June 1, Bard announced on June 23 that "The cookbook is complete and [has] been submitted to the publisher. Who would have thought that writing 100 recipes would take so long." Now, Bard shares some details of the book, which is scheduled for release in February 2015.

Title: The Gourmet Mexican Kitchen - Bold Flavors for the Home Chef
Publisher: Page Street Publishing in Salem, MA
Scheduled Release Date: February 2015
Number of Recipes: Approximately 100
Types of Recipes: Varying. "While many are based on recipes used at the restaurant, I've tried to make them more accessible to the home chef and, therefore, had to change many of them to some extent. I've also included a Tips and Techniques section, giving quick tips to creating traditional flavors at home. But for all of our Margarita fans at Zapoteca, Yes, our Watermelon Habanero Recipe is in the book.
Photography: "The cookbook will be heavily photo based. I'm working with Ted Axelrod of Axelrod Photography, and will begin shooting the images at the beginning of next month."
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