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Knack Factory On "Epic Indonesian-Inspired" Family Feasts

Thomas Pisha-Duffly. [All Photos: Zack Bowen, Knack Factory]

Chef Thomas Pisha-Duffly is a local pop-up superstar, host of the Family Feast series, in which he explores his Indonesian heritage with locally-sourced ingredients. His next event is Monday, June 30, from 6 to 10 p.m. at The Well at Jordan's Farm in Cape Elizabeth. We caught up with Alex Steed of local content firm Knack Factory (known in turn for its Shift Drinks video profiles of hospitality industry workers), who shared his excitement about Pisha-Duffly along with a handful of pictures taken by business partner Zack Bowen. The images are of previous Family Feast installments at Grace Restaurant, where Pisha-Duffly works, and Bunker Brewing Company, and they include both food porn as well as portraits of Pisha-Duffly, his wife and partner Mariah Pisha-Duffly, and bartender John R. Myers manning the "Sno-Kones" machine. Many more can be found linked at the bottom of this piece, coupled with in-depth interviews with Pisha-Duffly. Alex Steed: "We started Knack Factory so that we could do private work to ultimately subsidize our creative projects. In other words, we take paid jobs to offset the cost of getting to hang out with and document the efforts of folks like Thom and Mariah [Pisha-Duffly] when they have epic Indonesian-inspired dinners and barbecues. We look forward to capturing their upcoming event this Monday. We hope we will see you there."

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