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Updated: Rick Binet of The King's Head Weighs in on Wine, Food

Home of The King's Head.
Home of The King's Head.
Photo: Tom Minervino

A couple of weeks after the opening of beer-centric The King's Head on Commercial Street, co-owner Rick Binet shared via email the restaurant's new website, which lists hours as "7 days a week from 4 until late" and promises that lunch will soon be available. Binet also took the opportunity to expand upon his plans for the growth of the wine list and food menu, highlighting his own passion for wine as well as his chef's talent in the kitchen. [Update, 6/25/14: The King's Head is now open 7 days a week starting at 11:30 a.m. Lunch runs until 2:30 p.m., with a smaller menu from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.]

"The beer will be the focus, of course, as the goal is to be a beer destination. Also of note is that while the wine list is almost nonexistent, I am a very passionate wine guy as well as being a beer geek. My background was working for a wine importer in Manchester, UK right out of college. I will be building a decent wine list very soon and I hope to have 4-5 whites and 4-5 reds by the glass as well as 12 very good bottle selections and a handful of really outstanding wines.

Moreover, I have a Winekeeper unit that will be going in to keep the by-the-glass selections on gas pour. That means I will be able to pour some nicer wines by the glass without having to worry about oxidized wines getting served. My emphasis on wines is finding smaller producers who are doing great things and who aren't living off of a vineyard or appellation's reputation.

As for the food, our chef, Bob Petzold, is very talented and until recently he didn't have a good #2. The menu is great now, and it will be growing as well. We have some space limitations and we don't buy anything pre-prepped; we are trying to build the menu up cautiously so that we can plate everything to the highest of our ability."
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The King's Head

254 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101 (207) 805-1252 Visit Website

The King's Head

254 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101