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Miyake Diner CLOSING as Partners Part Ways

Miyake Diner.
Miyake Diner.
Photo: Corey Templeton Photography

If you haven't yet sat at one of Miyake Diner's 16 seats, time is running out. On Wednesday, June 25, only five months after its opening, the diner will be closing, as the team behind it parts ways amiably.

Masa Miyake, eponymous chef and owner of Miyake, Pai Men Miyake, and the diner, and business partner William Garfield, announced the surprising changes via press release, a day after their pig roast at Wolfe's Neck Farm, assuring fans that Miyake and Pai Men Miyake will remain unchanged under the ownership of chef Miyake. The current diner space at 129 Spring Street will undergo renovations for a future project under Garfield. See the full press release below, including positive words from both Miyake and Garfield, who calls Miyake "an amazing mentor throughout the past 8 years."

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Miyake Diner

129 Spring Street Portland, ME 04101