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Blue Rooster Guest Series: Steve Corry, Five Fifty-Five

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Photo: Blue Rooster Food Co.

Blue Rooster's guest chef series, week four: Steve Corry of Five Fifty-Five. His creation: The Truffle Mac Dog. Truffle mac and cheese, gaufrette ("a fancy term for a waffle cut potato chip," according to Corry), chives.

Yes, that's a thing you can go eat as of 11 a.m. today. And a portion of the proceeds benefits the Good Shepherd Food Bank. But it's only available for a week. Is it too early to form a line out front?

Corry, on his inspiration for the Truffle Mac Dog: "Three inspirations: The first comes from my childhood, when, on occasion, my mother would combine Oscar Meyer and Kraft brands to create the lunch of childhood dreams. The second comes from my boys (7 & 4 years old), who insist that their favorite respective foods are hot dogs and mac & cheese. Yes, this is somewhat disconcerting and embarrassing given my career choice, but given my roots I should have expected nothing else. The third is the truffled lobster mac and cheese dish that we feature at 555. Although at times this dish has been the bane of my existence, it certainly has afforded me some acclaim and, as a result, the freedom to explore a more divergent culinary landscape."

Coming up next week: Matt Brown of the Good Shepherd Food Truck.
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Five Fifty-Five

555 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101-3308 207-761-0555