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Bars and Brewery: Successful Kickstarter Updates

Nathaniel Meiklejohn with Deathbed Dry Ale at In'finiti.
Nathaniel Meiklejohn with Deathbed Dry Ale at In'finiti.
Photo: Sir Bearded Lady, Instagram

1) Kittery: Tributary Brewing Company, owned by former Portsmouth Brewing Company head brewer Tod Mott, has reached its $60,000 Kickstarter goal. The company has already received its federal license as well as much of its major equipment, including brewhouse; as described previously, the Kickstarter money should help fund ancillary equipment, including a delivery vehicle for self-distribution. Given his sunny disposition, fans should cross their fingers that Mott himself will be behind the wheel as his beer is peddled across the state. No word on whether Tributary will hit its proposed late June opening, but given the current date, it seems like a tight window. [Kickstarter]

2) Old Port: Arcadia National Bar is fulfilling its Kickstarter promise to make room for games, according to a recent picture on its Twitter feed. The $25,939 that owners Dave Aceto and Ben Culver crowdfunded in May was intended partly for renovations to the former Slainte space on Preble Street, i.e. leveling out floors and taking down walls. The bar plans to have a combination of pinball machines, stand-up arcade machines, home game consoles, and even board games. With Slab and Arcadia opening across the street from one another, Preble Street looks to be a major destination this summer. [Twitter]

3) Arts District: Speaking of Slab, it's not the only new venue teaming with local breweries to set up an exclusive tap list. Nathaniel Meiklejohn, aka Nan'l or The Bearded Lady, who raised $23,122 on Kickstarter for interior design work on his upcoming cocktail bar The Jewel Box, said in an Eater interview that he hopes to fill the single draft line with rotating collaboration beers. Until the bar opens, the first in this lofty series is available only at In'finiti Fermentation and Distillation, where Nan'l helped brew Deathbed Dry Ale, a low alcohol IPA. Will The Jewel Box open before fans drain the supply of Deathbed Dry? [Instagram]
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