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Slab: OPEN

Photo: Adam H. Callaghan

Signs point to Slab Sicilian Street Kitchen being open to the public today. In keeping with co-owner Jason Loring's promise to not release an opening date--ever, mystery has surrounded the business, but after family and friends nights over the weekend followed by an industry night Monday, June 16, a Facebook post thanked everyone "who came out and made our opening a huge success." The post has since been removed but the Twitter preview remains.

Today, an anonymous email revealed that Slab opened today at 11:00 a.m.: "They told me that I was their first 'public' customer. I tried the 'shoes and gravy' while there and took home a hand slab pizza and ice cream cone cannoli."

More info soon. In the meantime, has anyone else been to the restaurant yet?
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Slab Sicilian Street Kitchen

25 Preble St., Portland, Maine 04101