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Blue Rooster Guest Series: Fred Eliot, Petite Jacqueline

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Fred Eliot of Petite Jacqueline. [All Photos: Adam H. Callaghan]

Blue Rooster Food Co. is on week three of its ambitious thirteen-week guest series, with a punch card for those strong enough to keep up. To benefit the Good Shepherd Food Bank, each Friday a different chef designs a featured hot dog for the eatery. Cara Stadler (of Tao Yuan in Brunswick and soon-to-open Bao Bao Dumpling House) began the series with her "Tao Yuan Dog"; last week, Ricky Penatzer of The Portland Hunt and Alpine Club gave us "The Sloppy Penatzer." Today, French chef Fred Eliot of Petite Jacqueline introduces the world to the "French Connection": A natural hot dog from Maine Family Farms with a slice of Raclette on top (Why Raclette? The French cheese, sourced via Murray's in New York, melts well, and, as Eliot says, "Raclette is the bomb"); a relish of cornichons and spring onions; foie gras mayo ("Tell me that doesn't taste like foie gras!" he exclaims, and it certainly does); and to finish things off, fried shallot rings. With this blend of American and French styles, Eliot wants to show off elevated flavors in a simple package. He tells Randy Cruse, one of the partners, "I'm just trying to think about how fast you can do this, you know? Because it's a hot dog, after all." And what a hot dog.

Available for $7 today through next Thursday, June 19, the French Connection will be replaced next week by a creation from Steve Corry of Five Fifty-Five; following that, Matt Brown of the Good Shepherd Food Truck will make his appearance. See the full list at Portland Food Map. Those looking for additional ways to support the Good Shepherd Food Bank can contribute to WCSH6's Feed Maine Food Drive at a number of Hannaford Supermarkets throughout the state this Saturday, June 14, or seek out the Good Shepherd Food Truck, proceeds of which also go to the food bank.
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Petite Jacqueline

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