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A Look Inside Lolita, Opening Next Week

All Photos: Adam H. Callaghan

Once projected to open in March, Lolita on Munjoy Hill will be ready for the public on a yet-undecided day next week, putting it in June territory. All things considered, that's not so long: It took only half a year for owners Guy and Stella Hernandez, along with business partner Neil Reiter, to swap a restaurant and a cafe space, turning Hilltop Coffee into Lolita and Bar Lola into Hilltop Coffee.

The owners have made no secret of the fact that they grew restless after eight years of running the same restaurant, and Lolita is a different concept than its predecessor. It will have longer hours (11 a.m. to 11 p.m.), a wood-fired grill (chef Guy demonstrates its use below), a fancy "Ferrari-red" Italian slicer (also demonstrated below by Reiter), as well as more options for patrons in the mood for just a drink or a snack, rather than a curated culinary journey.

Also of note: Hilltop benefits from the larger windows and additional light provided by the former Bar Lola space, while Lolita feels brighter and roomier than the cramped quarters that Guy and Stella inherited when opening Hilltop. See preview pictures of the beautiful new space and study the new menu so there will be no surprises when your table opens up.

Not pictured is the backside of the drinks menu, which includes seven bottled beers (local and away) and three draft options: Allagash Saison, Bantam Cider Rojo (MA), and Oxbow FPA.
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