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Behind-The-Scenes Photos of Slab

[All Photos: Jason Loring, Facebook]

Two months ago, construction on Slab Sicilian Street Food was humming along nicely. If you were wondering what's happened in the meantime, it'd help to be Facebook friends with chef and co-owner Jason Loring. The man is a prolific social media sharer. Jokes, dogs, political causes: These and more all receive airtime on Loring's feed. Cute, you might think, but how is it relevant?

For the past few months, he has peppered his feed with behind-the-scenes photos of Slab's development. These include the installation of 20 draft lines, ensuring co-owner and bar manager Emily Kingsbury will serve plenty of craft beer variety; the pouring of a massive bar top; the construction of an unexpected outdoor music stage; and the painting of a hallway to the bathroom, done by none other than co-owner and chef Stephen Lanzalotta. As our last report demonstrated, this is an all-hands-on-deck project.

Loring is a man who is excited about his new venture and knows how to build some interest. He agreed to share some of the images but unequivocally declined to provide an opening date—ever. Fair enough!

Slab is also on Instagram, where you can find additional images that are generally more polished. The restaurant gained Facebook and Twitter accounts over the weekend, too, further increasing public visibility. The last image, a screen-grab from a phone, suggests the hours of the restaurant will be Monday through Saturday, 11:00am to 1:00am. Are you disappointed in the lack of a Sunday brunch, or excited to have a day of rest following what may devolve into a six-day-long pizza bender?

5/20/14 Update: Inside sources report that Sunday brunch will begin a few months after opening.
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