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Ebenezer's Brew Pub, Formerly Lion's Pride, Is Now Open and Pouring Its Own Beers in Brunswick

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Ebenezer's Brew Pub. [Photo: Facebook]

The transformation took a bit longer than expected, but it is now complete. The venerable Brunswick beer bar Lion's Pride is no more. It has been reincarnated as Ebenezer's Brew Pub featuring beers made at the new and attached Lively Brewing Company. It's all still owned by Chris Lively, and now, with the name change, bears a closer connection to his world famous Lovell beer bar, Ebenezer's Pub. Tom Atwell stopped by and sampled some of the initial offerings at the brew pub for his column in today's Press Herald. Michael LaCharite, who started Casco Bay Brewing 20 years ago and was the original head brewer at Baxter Brewing Co. in Lewiston, is the brewer at Ebenezer's.

The first Lively beers include a saison, some traditional English ales and a hoppy red ale. Atwell says Belgian ales are planned, as are collaborations: "Ebenezer's is planning to use the Lively connections to bring in guest brewers from all over the world to create beer at the Brunswick brewery." The beers are available on tap and for growler fills in Brunswick. They'll also be pouring at Ebenezer's in Lovell, with bottles coming in the future.
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Ebenezer's Brew Pub

112 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011