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Mill 67 Now Open and Serving 'French-Influenced Gourmet Pub Food' in Sanford

Mill 67. [Photo: Facebook]

Mill 67, perhaps the most exciting new restaurant to hit Sanford since people started blogging about these things, opened last week in the renovated Sanford Mill. It's owned by Jim Paquette, who also owns the Back Street Grill in town, though Paquette tells the Sanford News that the two restaurants are "100 percent different." He describes the Mill 67 menu as "French-influenced gourmet pub food." A story in yesterday's Journal Tribune (available online only with a subscription) elaborates a bit on the menu: there are "a variety of poutines, duck confit panninis, gourmet pork pies, French wines -- and other temptations, like 'mill fries' with flavorful dustings ..." Local beers are also featured.

It looks like a cool space from the photos posted on Facebook, with a long wood bar, exposed brick and other industrial-chic touches. Large windows provide river views and the restaurant has seating for 125. Hours are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.
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Mill 67

61 Washington Street Suite 3, Sanford, Maine 04073