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Right Address, Wrong Town

Here's a story of pizza delivery gone awry sent in by a reader:

Feb 22, 2014 at 12:18 a.m. we were awoken by someone ringing our doorbell. We freaked out thinking something must be wrong so late at night, and of course, our dog started barking from the commotion. We answered the door to a Domino's delivery guy asking if we ordered pizza.

"NO, we did not order pizza."

He replied, "Well, I rang the other bell (our tenant at the front of the house) but he said he didn't order either."

"Well, I'm not lying to you if that is what you are implying. We were sound asleep and did not order pizza. Are you just going door to door until you find someone who did?" I ask. He left and we were left flustered and wide awake. So, I called the local Domino's and the shift leader laughed and said that the driver was supposed to go to the same address in Portland -- not South Portland!

Still upset, I contacted Corporate and expressed my angst. They called back the next day and I got them to give 10 free pizzas to the local Boys & Girls Club as penance. Hopefully, now the drivers will be taught to call the office if they have questions before approaching darkened homes with sleeping occupants and ringing doorbells.

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