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City Council Postpones Sangillo's Vote Until Next Meeting

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Sangillo's. [Photo: Yelp]

Last night's well-attended Portland City Council meeting in which the Sangillo's Tavern liquor license was up for renewal ended in anti-climactic fashion when the councilors voted to delay the vote on the license until the April 7 meeting. This occurred right around midnight, five hours after the meeting began. Earlier on, the council voted to move the Sangillo's issue to the end of the meeting, then spent roughly three hours considering it, listening to the Portland Police make their case against Sangillo's (they say denying the license is in the interest of public safety), while the bar's lawyer, owner, manager, bouncer and others, including Snug owner Margaret Lyons, made the case for Sangillo's. Some neighbors also spoke during the public comment. The entire soul-sucking saga could be watched on the public access channel.

The Portland Daily Sun has a good recap of the meeting for those interested in more detail. While at least one council member appears to have his mind made up to vote against the renewal of the liquor license, others seem to truly need more time and information to act properly in the judicial capacity in which they are serving -- judge, jury and potential executioners of Sangillo's Tavern. To be continued.
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