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Snug Owner Margaret Lyons: 'Every neighborhood needs a Sangillo's'

Earlier this morning, we heard from bartender John Myers on why Sangillo's Tavern must be saved. Now, Snug owner Margaret Lyons explains why Portland needs Sangillo's. The proprietor of the Irishish pub on Munjoy Hill made news in December when her expletive-laced vegan menu went viral. Her plea to save Sangillo's uses a similar vocabulary: "Ironically, I would be kicked out of Sangillo's for such salty language!" she writes. Here it is, in her words:

No bar wants a visit from the police. An example that comes to mind is when a Portland restauranteur phoned in a false report after having been thrown out of an East End bar. I don't think said restauranteur fully appreciated the seriousness of that call. Whether it's a false report, a scenario that sorts itself out or a bona fide circumstance that summons a police intervention, each call gets weighed equally at license renewal time. It's a numbers game.

Sangillo's is at risk of being shut down for an excessive numbers of calls to The Portland Police Department. The PPD has pragmatically recommended that their liquor license not be renewed. 23 calls is high ... but it's also subjective. Even higher is the number of people that adore this bar. For all the calls, if you canvas the neighborhood, Sangillo's is not only tolerated, it's beloved.

Before the City Council has even convened regarding the license renewal, the vultures are circling. Considering the middle/upper middle class establishments within a stone's throw and the imminent gentrification of the neighborhood, some are already putting feelers out to expand the hipsteroakagedfuckingfoofooinfusedvodka community by absorbing Sangillo's into their fold.

What's that saying? If you eliminate insects, every other species will be dead in 50 years. If you eliminate humans, in 50 years every other species will thrive. Well, if you eliminate all the Sangillo's, all your craft bars will wither as well.

Every neighborhood needs a Sangillo's. There is a contingent that requires a certain type of bar. Whether that continent be Donald Sussman or Timmy Noname, they need a place where they can just have a gee dee drink … for cheap. Sangillo's is not a charity endeavor for hipsters or an outreach project. They don't need salvation. They need the opportunists to shut the fuck up and for their neighbors to circle the wagons. For what it's worth, The Snug has Sangillo's back.

Sangillo's is the St. Valentine's Day Bandit. Sangillo's is Micucci's. Sangillo's is the Victoria Mansion, Sangillo's is J's Oyster. Sangillo's is the Old Port. Sangillo's is Deering Oaks. Sangillo's is Portland. Fucking defend it already.
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Sangillo's Tavern

18 Hampshire St, Portland, ME 04101