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Wanna Help Wannawaf? Boothbay Store Seeks $20K to Stay in Business

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Waffle Girl. [Photo: Go Fund Me]

Wannawaf is seeking $20,000 in crowd-sourced funds in order to re-open its seasonal waffle and ice cream shop in Boothbay Harbor this summer. Wannawaf has been a popular summertime spot in Boothbay, but a planned year-round flagship store that opened last June in Portland's Monument Square lasted only a few months before going out of business. Owner Anya Arsenault, aka Waffle Girl, said she's "acquired a serious business education" over the past year and is "kissing what is left of my pride goodbye" in making a humble plea for help on the Wannawaf website. She writes:

"So here it is, Wannawaf in Boothbay Harbor is going to go out of business because of my mistakes in Portland. I bled our consistently profitable Boothbay store in order keep Portland going a little bit longer, and as a result I do not have the capital to reopen this year."

With 20 days remaining in the Go Fund Me campaign, Wannawaf has raised $1,120 toward the $20K goal. Unlike Kickstarter, the goal does not need to be met in order for the donations to be received. Here are some of the rewards available: $10 gets a bracelet good for 10% off at Wannawaf, $25 gets a $25 gift card, $40 gets a "clean" t-shirt and $50 gets a "dirty" t-shirt, $200 gets a dinner for two cooked by Arsenault, $1000 gets a private waffle party for up to 25 folks.
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31 Granary Way, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538