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What are Maine's Best Brunch Spots?

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It's been almost a year since we published the Brunch Heatmap, highlighting the 16 hottest brunch spots in Portland. A lot has happened since that guide came out — one listed place has closed, many more brunch options have opened, some on the list may have lost a step, some unlisted spots may have upped their game. So here's what happens next: We're tearing it down to start anew. Sure, some spots will carry over, but there are no guarantees. And we're opening it up to the rest of the state. The Brunch Heatmap 2.0 will cover all of Maine and will include the best new places along with old standbys.

This is where the readers come in. We want you to help us out by answering this question: What is Maine's best brunch spot? You have three ways to let us know. You can leave a comment, email the tipline or send us an anonymous message. But don't just give us a restaurant name; state your case as to why your favorite deserves a spot on the list. All nominations will be considered, but there will only be room for the top 20 restaurants on the final map, which will be revealed in the coming weeks.
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