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What is Maine's Best Pizza?

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Pizza Joint in South Portland. [Photo: Facebook]

There's no specific style that defines Maine pizza. Some crusts are thin and crisp; others are thicker and pillowy. Slices can be consumed with a knife and fork or folded in half with hands. Still, there's no denying the importance of pizza in this state. From the cities to the small towns, everyone has a favorite pizzeria. Some of these have been around for decades, offering an iconic throwback style immune to the latest trends. Others are newer, with stylish decor and the ability to accept credit cards. Here's the question for you, readers: Where can Maine's best pizza be found? We're looking for eat-in, take-out and delivery places. Please let us know in the comments, through the tipline or via the anonymous tip form. All responses will be considered for an upcoming pizza map.
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