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Press Hotel to Feature 100-Seat Restaurant and 2 Bars

The upcoming Press Hotel in Portland, which is taking over the former Portland Press Herald building on Congress Street after a $10 million renovation, will have a 100-seat restaurant, along with two bars, according to a story in today's Press Herald. The boutique, 110-room hotel slated to open in April 2015 will have a theme focusing on the history of Portland and the newspaper. "The restaurant will be designed and operated independently ... [and] the restaurant's overall concept and menu have yet to be determined."

Rumors have flown about what type of restaurant could go in, but it sounds like nothing is definite yet. A source says a speakeasy and old-fashioned chop house are concepts currently being considered. Is there a concept you'd like to see there? Do you think a local chef will run it, or will a big name from away be summoned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. As always, insider info is welcome via the tipline and the anonymous comment form.
· Portland's Press Hotel Will Preserve a Storied Past [PPH]

The Press Hotel

390 Congress St Portland, ME 04101