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Stirling and Mull Rejiggers Crowdfunding Goals and Perks, Finds Modest Success

Learning from mistakes, the European-style restaurant planned for Freeport is attracting attention by offering interest on gift certificate purchases.

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Stirling and Mull is at it again. The restaurant-in-planning launched a wildly unsuccessful IndieGoGo campaign in August, raising only $130 of a $13,250 goal to fund the purchase of a self-serve beer wall. This time around, with almost a month remaining of campaign number two, a modest goal of $1000 has already been surpassed with simple, attractive perks: Buy a gift certificate in advance, get an additional percentage back as a bonus. A $20 pre-purchase gets you $22 on a certificate, a bonus of 10%, and the reward percentage increases incrementally with the purchase size.

The Forecaster has more on the potential restaurant and owners Ed and Shana McLean. They still plan to include a beer wall, despite the lack of crowdfunding success for the concept; they also want to have live music, a dance floor, classes on and tastings of alcoholic beverages, and "discussions on European travel." According to the paper, "McLean said Freeport needs a European-style restaurant," and "the food will mostly be from Spain, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom." He also emphasized that he "would love to see Freeport become known for great food and drink."

In related news, The Boston Globe recently covered Freeport as a destination, highlighting options for lodgings, activities, and dining. Recommendations range from Azure Italian Cafe and Petrillo's (perhaps when he said Freeport needs a "European-style" restaurant McLean meant "everything-but-Italian-style") to Li's Chinese Express Food Cart and Conundrum Wine Bistro.

What's your favorite Freeport food stop?

Petrillo's Restaurant

15 Depot St, Freeport, ME 04032 (207) 865-6055

Li's Chinese Express

Bow Street, Freeport, ME (347) 323-5341

The Conundrum Wine Bistro

117 US Route 1, Freeport, ME 04032 (207) 865-0303

Azure Cafe

123 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032 (207) 865-1237 Visit Website