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Take the Quiz: 9 Multiple Choice Questions on John Golden's Predictions for 2015

The blogger anticipates a bevy of bizarre trends—can you guess which ones are his, and which are fakes?

"Maine's varied dining scenes."
"Maine's varied dining scenes."
John Golden

John Golden, who participated in the ongoing Year in Eater survey, released his own look at the coming year today for his blog The Golden Dish"What's In, What's Out for 2015 in Portland, America's Foodiest Small Town" is full of intriguing assertions about trends from last year and topics to expect in the next, couched in some of his famously colorful language. Take the quiz below and see if you can match Golden's unique turns-of-phrase to his predictions. Answers are at the bottom—no peeking.

According to John Golden...

1. What's "the new kale"?
A. Broccolini
B. Chard
C. Kohlrabi

2. What's "in" for 2015?
A. Prune pudding
B. Stewed plums
C. Prune juice

3. What's not in for 2015?
A. Boil Cookery
B. Ramen
C. Turtle Soup

4. What did diners have "then and now"?
A. Faces
B. Mouths
C. Appetites

5. What animal is extinct?
A. Dinosaur
B. Dodo Bird
C. Aardvark

6. Craft cocktails are interesting to all but whom?
A. Discerning boozehounds
B. Tipsy hipsters
C. Lanyard artisans who like a bad mixed drink

7. What will we be wearing during the "welcome back" of cupcakes?
A. Evening gowns with long gloves
B. Coats with tails
C. Diamond chokers with updos

8. What food allergy will Rachel Ray develop?
A. Peanuts
B. Gluten

9. What's BS?
A. Eater Maine
B. John Golden
C. No reservations

You're done!

Check your answers below, share your results in the comments, and enjoy the new year, full of turtle soup and evening gowns.


1C; 2B; 3B; 4A; 5C; 6B; 7A; 8C; 9C