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Confirmed: Former Salt Exchange Chefs Headed to SoPo Bar and Grill

Peter Verrill may have tapped Torr Kelso and a sous chef to help him open his new South Portland restaurant, according to Eating Portland Alive.

Bourgeois Sign and Design

Eating Portland Alive shared a rumor that the former head chef and sous chef of The Salt Exchange may be helping Outliers Eatery owner Peter Verrill open his new restaurant, SoPo Bar and Grill. "A tip from my very own dad is that Salt Exchange's Torr Kelso and sous chef have been recruited for Peter Verrill's new venture across the bridge..." the blogger posted via Facebook, along with pictures showing the upcoming eatery's new signage.

Those of you keeping score at home remember that Torr Kelso stepped in to replace Adam White as head of the kitchen at The Salt Exchange this summer, and was helping owner Charlie Bryon relaunch the five-year-old Portland establishment. Mere days before the relaunch party, Bryon announced instead that his chef and sous chef had taken better offers and The Salt Exchange would be closing.

First announced for South Portland's former JP Thornton's space in June, SoPo Bar and Grill created a Facebook page ("Coming Soon...") and a Help Wanted ad looking for staff in October. A few weeks ago a source for the business said it should be open "in a few weeks." Another source hadn't responded to requests for comment on the latest rumor as of the time of this writing. Any additional insight, readers?

Update, 12/3/14: Verrill confirmed via email that chef Torr Kelso "will be operating the kitchen at SoPo Bar & Grill," and that "more information concerning an opening date will be released shortly."