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Sorry, Yarmouth, but Oscar's New American is no More

The restaurant closed at the end of November, surprising even business associates.

Oscar's New American, FB

A little over a year after it opened, Oscar's New American is closed. Susan Axelrod uncovered the unfortunate news about owner/chef Nick Krunkkala's Yarmouth restaurant late last month:

Then on December 1, Oscar's posted a brief note to its Facebook page:

Thank you to all our loyal and supportive guests and employees who we met over the last year. We are sorry to say with great sadness we have closed the restaurant.

Representatives of Oscar's didn't respond to an emailed request for comment and the business phone number leads to the message, "I'm sorry to say our restaurant is closed, thank you for your patronage."

The abrupt shutter surprised at least one business associate, if Facebook comments were any indication. Watcharee Thai Sauce, whose founder Watcharee Limanon sells Thai sauces at retail and established the Thai Culinary Arts Studio in Brunswick, was concerned about the status of an upcoming, sold-out cooking class (though whether or not Oscar's was still involved, according to a later update it looks like the class ultimately went on).

Sorry to hear about the closing of your restaurant, Nick. Could you please contact me related to our planned pop-up cooking class (which is sold out)? Many thanks!

If anyone has further information about the reasons behind the closing of the restaurant or what the next steps might be for its primary players, hit up the comments, the tipline, or the anonymous tip form.