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Three Stars for Mill 67, a Stunning Sanford pub Reminiscent of Cheers

Critic James Schwartz suggests sipping and snacking in the beautiful setting. But is the cuisine French or American? Take the poll.

Mill 67, FB

The name Mill 67 might still be unknown to many in Maine, but visit the Sanford pub and it's possible everyone will know your name soon enough. That's the impression Press Herald critic James Schwartz gets from the Cheers-like pub, which impresses with its attractive, comfortable atmosphere more than its comfort food. "Mill 67 is, quite simply, a knockout," the reviewer states in his latest Dine Out Maine column, awarding three stars to the young business.

The riverfront mill eatery, which opened in March of this year, won the Eater Maine 2014 award for Stone Cold Stunner, or best looking new establishment. Soak in the "spectacular" surroundings and stick to drinks, apps, and desserts, Schwartz recommends; skip the heavy and bland entrees. Boasting solid calamari, Washington Street Wings, and cast-iron cookies with ice cream, "this pub may remind you that a table full of good appetizers makes a fine dinner, and an evening in a stunning riverside setting, surrounded by good cheer and good friends, just can't be beat."

Mill 67

61 Washington Street, Suite 3, Sanford, ME 04073 Visit Website