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Five Fifty-Five Owners Steve and Michelle Corry Expand Empire With Upcoming French Patisserie

The pastry-forward cafe doesn't have a name or an opening date yet, but it's coming to the Old Port sooner or later.

John Golden

With the Dana Street restaurant update late Wednesday and the first word on a new cafe yesterday, John Golden is putting in plenty of overtime on his blog, which normally gets three posts per week but has already seen five in as many days.

His latest scoop features Steve and Michelle Corry, who own both Five Fifty-Five and Petite Jacqueline. Their newly announced French-style cafe and patisserie is as yet unnamed, as is the mysterious pastry chef who will be joining the team, but the location is set: 46 Market Street, just before the back patio of the Thirsty Pig.

Golden calls the duo's entry into the casual dining world "a bold move," though he never clarifies what he finds bold about it. He does give additional info on potential hours and menu items, though:

French-inspired café salads, sandwiches, soups and wine throughout the day with breakfast, lunch and dinnertime service...Count on Parisian-style espresso and coffee, killer croissants at breakfast and classic eclairs and Napoleons, French onion soup and salad Nicoise as part of a casual menu of light fare.

No word yet on an opening date, or if the cafe will serve a version of cronuts. In the meantime, where will you continue getting your croissant fix?