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No Christmas Miracle for Ramen Suzukiya, Delayed Again

The East End noodle shop puts on a merry display while awaiting its business permit.

Adam H. Callaghan

A restaurant opening date is a moving target, as any new restaurateur learns quickly. Since its announcement this summer, Ramen Suzukiya has shot for October, then December. Then, early this month, an astute Facebook tipster pointed out a big change in the appearance of the storefront: "The paper is off the windows at Suzukiya and there's all kinds of christmas decorations up...." Would the East End be getting a new restaurant in time for Christmas after all?

Well, December is slipping away, and Santa and a polar bear continue to smile out at passers-by, but there are no signs of noodles in Santa's sack. Eater reached out to Cory Suzuki, the son of owner/chef Katsuaki Suzuki, to find out the status of the operation.

The target continues to move. Cory said the business permit, filed almost a month ago, is the current hold-up. In the meantime, there's not much for him to do in the restaurant space. His father continues to test and refine his noodle recipe daily, and is volunteering frequently at a soup kitchen. They'll be primed and ready to spring into action when the target is sighted again, but it's not here yet.

Patience, noodle nerds.