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Are you Knowable of Wines? This Anonymous Congress St. Restaurant Wants you

An unknown restaurant, coming soon, advertises for servers, hosts, and a line cook on Craigslist with some colorful language.

There's a brand new restaurant coming to Congress Street, and if you've got a background in wine, you're encouraged to submit an application for its Craigslist ad. Specifically, if you're "knowable of wines," that's a plus:

Looking for Servers that have at lease one year of serving experience, knowable of wines is a plus. This is a brand new restaurant opening on Congress street. Must be available nights and weekend Please send resume to be considers for the position.

Is anyone ever truly knowable?

The business is also looking for a line cook and a host (and to its credit here, the listing is actually for the gender-inclusive position "host," not a "hostess").

Best guess for the anonymous spot would be UnWINEd, under development at 569 Congress St. Then again, in its unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign UnWINEd was described by owner Jared Rice as "a simple concept wine bar," not necessarily the kind of place that would call itself a "restaurant" or need a line cook for its appetizers and "petite plates."

Another possibility is Lazzari, an Italian/Mediterranean concept long expected to replace Mesa Verde at 618 Congress St. Those Mediterraneans do love their wine, after all.

Thoughts and conspiracy theories welcome.