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What's Your Favorite Meal of 2014? Bon Appétit Loves on Palace Diner's Tuna Sandwich

The magazine put the diner's tuna salad sandwich on its list of top 15 meals of the year. Can you name that many?

Tom Minervino

Palace Diner in Biddeford got some major acclaim from Bon Appétit earlier this year: The reinvigorated diner car experience was named one of the top 50 new restaurants in America. (Naturally, some grumpy old men thought it absurd to call a diner a "best restaurant.")

Now the magazine is shining that light on owners Greg Mitchell and Chad Conley again, calling their tuna salad sandwich one of the best 15 meals of the year. "It's not rocket science: just good ingredients executed with passion and precision," states editor Andrew Knowlton. The young chefs "do simple and nostalgic diner food amazingly well."

Have you tried the tuna salad sandwich at Palace Diner? Did it strike the same chord with you? How about the other dishes mentioned in the write-up, including the diner's egg sandwich and Palace potatoes? "Their bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast is perfect. And, damn, those Palace potatoes: boiled, smashed down, and then crisped with abandon on the griddle," the editor raves.

Share your own meals-of-the-year experiences in the comments.

Palace Diner

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