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Steve Quattrucci the Force Behind Miss Portland Diner's Menu Overhaul

John Golden raves about the changes.

Miss Portland Diner, FB

John Golden found out where Steve Quattrucci ended up after leaving Riverside Grill two short months past its opening. Still no word from Quattrucci himself about why he left the restaurant, nor how he came to leave his position as the City of Portland's food service manager around the same time, but he has now revamped the menu at Miss Portland Diner.

In an extensive review, Golden gushes that the diner "is now a 5-star treasure trove of classic diner fare," and notes that "most everything is made from scratch and sourced locally when feasible" (excepting, perhaps, items like the crumbled Ritz crackers atop the "old-fashioned New England staple" of baked scallops). He mentions around 20 different dishes. His favorites include all of them.

Miss Portland Diner

140 Marginal Way, Portland, ME 04101 (207) 210-6673