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If You're Looking for Breakfast Advice From Playboy, Look no Further

In its list of 101 Best Breakfasts in America, the nudie mag singles out The Holy Donut.

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The Holy Donut

Giving new meaning to the term "food porn" and less meaning to the term "breakfast," Playboy has given its take on The 101 Best Breakfasts in America. Shockingly, the list seems to be about food. From the intro:

From a pancake mecca on Manhattan's Lower East Side, to a donut shop using an unexpected ingredient in Portland, Maine, Playboy editors and contributors have scoured the Northeast to find the region's best breakfasts. It didn't matter if the places were high-end or hole in the wall, all they had to be was good.

The only selection in Maine also boasts the most graphic image in the northeast section: The Holy Donut. (No surprise Food Network star Alton Brown didn't put that donut on his face for a selfie.) Ernie Monteiro gushes:

Donuts made with mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes? That sounds insane. Insanely good. These cake donuts will make you forswear Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme for good.

Someone from Leigh Kellis' popular local donut chain, perhaps bemused by the distinction, shared the piece on the company Facebook page:

Well. Apparently the gentlemen at Playboy magazine like our lusty bacon donuts... or something like that. But they've named us best breakfast in Maine. Thanks guys!

Elsewhere in the region, Tandem Coffee + Bakery pastry chef Briana Holt's old alma mater Pies N Thighs is honored for its chicken and waffles and its donuts. The world awaits further dining guidance from Hef's team.

The Holy Donut

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