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The Honey PAW, Rosemont West End Confirmed

The new "non-denominational" noodle restaurant from Hugo's/Eventide team will be called The Honey Paw, not Honey Pot; Rosemont confirms West End market under development.

Artist's rendering of West End Place, coming to the corner of Portland's Pine and Bracket Streets in 2015.
Artist's rendering of West End Place, coming to the corner of Portland's Pine and Bracket Streets in 2015.
West End Place

Apparently someone in the Hugo's/Eventide Oyster Co. fold was speaking out of turn after all, and Boston Globe writer Christopher Muther simply misheard the leaked name of the new restaurant. The latest venture from co-owners Arlin Smith, Mike Wiley, and Andrew Taylor will be called The Honey Paw, not The Honey Pot, according to Portland Food Map.

The Honey Paw is described as a "non-denominational noodle restaurant" that will be "drawing on techniques, shapes, and flavors from across the globe". The Honey Paw, they explain, "won't be a pasta joint or a noodle house per se, we don't want to be beholden to tradition or cultural idiom".

PFM reports that the not-quite-pasta-joint will be at 78 Middle Street, former home of Pepperclub/Good Egg Cafe; the official press release also includes 82 Middle Street in the expansion, where Dean'sSweets used to be. The question "Why 'Honey Pot'?" is easily transferable to the correct name: What could "The Honey Paw" be referring to, especially in the context of a "non-denominational noodle restaurant"?

Potentially bad news for pop-up fans but great news for Thomas Pisha-Duffly fans: The Family Feast chef, who has previously worked as sous chef at Hugo's, "will be joining the team to help launch the restaurant. They hope to open in early 2015."

Rosemont has also confirmed for PFM a previously-dodged rumor about its new West End market.

This new store, the 5th Rosemont Market, will be located in the apartment building currently under construction at the corner of Pine and Brackett Streets. The West End Rosemont is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2015.

Local grocery options keep growing, with the Portland Food Co-op having just raised the final funding necessary to open soon as well as this new Rosemont location next year.