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Four More Restaurants for the Coming Soon Files

SoPo Bar & Grill, Chipotle Augusta, and Arabian Days are all hiring, and a new restaurant is under development at 79 Portland Street.

Arabian Days, a new Portland coffee shop, is hiring part-time help now.
Arabian Days, a new Portland coffee shop, is hiring part-time help now.

First announced in June, Outliers owner Peter Verrill's latest venture Sopo Bar & Grill is staffing up via Craigslist. The development process has been a quiet one, but the help wanted ad (seeking servers, bartenders, hostesses - sorry, gents? - and bussers) suggests a forthcoming opening date at the former home of JP Thornton's.

SoPo Bar & Grill logo

The logo for SoPo Bar & Grill, 740 Broadway, South Portland.

The country's coffee-drinkingest city (according to Men's Health) is getting another java shop, also looking for employees on Craigslist (part-time only). Arabian Days is coming to 3 Deering Ave. in Portland, and applicants are instructed to talk to Victor, the manager.

Parents in Augusta, lock your babies in the car, because Chipotle is landing at 1 Stephen King Drive, Suite 10. (Disclaimer: Don't leave your babies in the car. But also don't change their diapers on the table at Chipotle.) The country-conquering burrito restaurant, which already has South Portland Westbrook locations, is filling primarily entry-level jobs as most "manager positions are filled internally," but get your foot in the door (and prove you can stay on your "feet working while clocked in, unless on break") and that next internal promotion could be yours.

According to Portland Food Map, photographer Suzie St. Pierre is converting the first floor and basement of New World Kitchens at 79 Portland Street to "a small casual bistro-style restaurant. Saint Pierre has 15 years experience working in restaurants outside Maine." The new restaurant will have fine-dining institution Back Bay Grill as a neighbor.