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Boston Globe Scoop: Honey Pot from Hugo's/Eventide?

Boston Globe tucks word of a new concept from Hugo's and Eventide owners into a bigger story about Portland: "An international noodle restaurant."

Eventide Oyster Co.
Eventide Oyster Co.
Ted Axelrod

Still no official word from the owners of Hugo's and Eventide Oyster Co. on their plans for the Pepperclub/Good Egg Cafe and Dean'sSweets spaces. Now that those business's leases are up, a press release has been promised by representatives of Hugo's/Eventide. The Boston Globe seems to know something Mainers don't, though.

A piece on Saturday about the "Culinary boom in Portland, Maine" amounted to some serious humble-bragging from the writer about how much of a "spare tire" he was developing from forcing down endless quantities of the city's amazing food. Overlook the incessant woe-is-me weight-gain imagery ("waddling," "squeeze into my jeans," "pass the Dexatrim," etcetera), if possible, and find deserved praise for a small cross-section of Portland's best (and most popular) eateries.

Look a little closer and find the next breadcrumb on the path to a full reveal from two of the Hugo's/Eventide team:

Eventide co-owner and general manager Arlin Smith moved to Portland from New York and opened the restaurant in 2012. He and his business partners also own the fine-dining destination Hugo's, and are about to begin work on an international noodle restaurant called the Honey Pot.

Judging by the results of a poll, plenty of readers thought a third restaurant could be in the works from this untouchable team. Who saw an international noodle restaurant coming, though? And why "Honey Pot"? Sources close to the restaurant have also suggested the Vannah St. Tavern plans have been abandoned, so it's likely the Honey Pot will be on Middle Street.

Until the official press release appears, speculate away in the comments or the forums.


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