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More Portland Housing Equals Additional Restaurants

One new housing development will have a teaching kitchen and rooftop garden; two others in the works could have new restaurant spaces.

Artist's rendering of 118 on Munjoy Hill condo complex.
Artist's rendering of 118 on Munjoy Hill condo complex.
118 on Munjoy Hill

Portland Food Map shared Avesta Housing's plans for 409 Cumberland, an apartment development in Portland which should include a rooftop garden and greenhouse as well as a teaching kitchen in the communal area. This is in partnership with Cultivating Community, whose mission is to "strengthen communities by growing food, preparing youth leaders and new farmers, and promoting social and environmental justice."

Eater asked developers in Portland their plans for two new housing complexes. Chip Newell of New Height Group had this to say of 118 on Munjoy Hill, a condo complex under construction:

Our building is not designed for a full service restaurant.  However we would love to find a wine bar with tapas, and potentially specialty coffee and pastries earlier in the day.

In East Bayside, Redfern Properties wants to rezone 89 Anderson Street, current home of 3 G's Tire and Auto Service, to allow for a market-rate apartment building. The location would be complemented by one restaurant space. Asked what kind of businesses the company would consider leasing to, Johnathan Culley spoke on behalf of the developer, stating firmly,

We would most definitely only lease to a small and local restaurant.

What would you like to see brought into these new developments?