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Winter Wreaks Havoc on Bangor's Food Scene, Hurls Cielos, Schnitzel's Out West

Owner Kirsten Pilot of Cielos Mexican Grill and Schnitzel's Austrian Grill will leave Bangor, make a go of it year-round in warmer climes.

A line of devoted customers for Cielos Mexican Grill.
A line of devoted customers for Cielos Mexican Grill.
Cielos Mexican Grill, FB

It's on everyone's mind as the seasons change and the prospect of a long, hard winter intrudes on blissfully sunny late-fall days, Kirsten Pilot is going for it. The owner of highly regarded Bangor-area food trucks Cielos Mexican Grill (exhibit A, exhibit B) and Schnitzel's Austrian Grill is "seeking greener pastures" in which to run her businesses year-round, she wrote on Facebook, "and the operating season in Maine is just too short."

Cielos will open for the last time on November 1, 2014, and Schnitzel's, which had one winter season, will not fire up its grill again in Maine. Pilot thanked customers "for all your encouragement, your loyalty, your good wishes, your patience, and your friendly disposition," and asked that they redeem any gift certificates or other offers from either truck at Cielos by then.

Otherwise customers will need to track down the trucks in their temporary home in the Lake Tahoe region, followed by California eventually. Or, as one Facebook commenter suggested, "I hope the franchising goes well and someone in Maine can pick up the franchise in a couple years!" See Bangor Daily News for more.