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Honey Paw Doesn't Feature Honey Badger, Just Some Bear

But honey badger don't care.

The bear-stare on the exterior of The Honey Paw.
The bear-stare on the exterior of The Honey Paw.
All photos: Adam H. Callaghan

Co-owners Arlin Smith, Mike Wiley, and Andrew Taylor are once again working with local design firm Might & Main for the branding of their new restaurant, The Honey Paw. A large bear's head now stares down passers-by on Middle Street, disappointing fans of honey badger, who is reported not to care about the snub. No word yet on how this all ties into a "non-denominational noodle restaurant" concept, which is probably for the best, because can reality live up to such a fascinating collection of phrases and imagery?

Might & Main was in charge of the design of Eventide Oyster Co. and the redesign of Hugo's, and has beautified other notable restaurants in the area such as Piccolo, Duckfat, and Central Provisions with what they refer to as "Intelligent Brandsmithery." Commence to bear punnery.

Honey Paw int gutted

The interior of the former Pepperclub/Good Egg Cafe ready for its new occupants to begin work.