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Little Bigs' Faux Cronuts Sell Out in SoPo in Minutes

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Little Bigs, the small South Portland bakery that opened over the summer, debuted its Cronut impostor on Sunday and, according to its Facebook page, "sold out in 5 minutes." The world-beating croissant-doughnut hybrid invented and trademarked by Dominique Ansel spawned a mania in NYC last year that spread across the nation and the globe. It's apparently still going strong, with crazed individuals braving the elements to get their frozen lips around an original.

But Little Bigs may have a viable alternative for those in these parts. They are still searching for an alternate name, with "fauxcro" the current leader in the clubhouse. The bakery vows not to run out of the pastries again, but will only sell them on Sundays from 11 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., given the labor-intensive process involved in creating them.

This isn't the first Cronut imitation to hit Maine soil. Whole Foods in Portland has been serving its crodoughs for months (check the pastry case). These never seemed to trigger the mobs that fake Cronuts have elsewhere.

Maine generally lags behind the rest of the nation in food and fashion trends (some of us are still wearing relaxed fit jeans with no regrets). But maybe now, with this inspired effort from Little Bigs, Mainers are ready to hop on the Cronut bandwagon.
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The Little Bigs Fauxcro. [Photo: Facebook]

Little Bigs

340 Main St, South Portland, ME, 04106