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What's the Best Cold-Weather Meal or Drink in Maine?

Five Fifty-Five has a number of options to warm you up. [Photo: Facebook]

Winter isn't messing around this year. January just began but already snow banks are taller than fourth graders and anything registering non-negative on that centigrade scale would feel like a heatwave. So here's the question to those of you crazy enough to live in this state year round: What's your favorite cold-weather meal (or drink)?

Is it clam chowder? Lobster mac and cheese? A steaming bowl of pho? Or maybe the solution is liquid: that perfect macchiato, an imperial stout or a few fingers of single malt — this is winter in Maine, no one is judging. Let us know where you go and what you order when you need to warm your bones. You can leave it in the comments, email the tipline or use the anonymous tip form. We'll round up the best submissions next week.
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